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Pax 18 - the first

the first kayak i built was the Pax 18; the build needed about 6 months and took place in our livingroom...

...this was acutally so much fun that i decided to build another Pax later - after i built two Wood Ducks inbetween...

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the first paddle-board i am building - experiment to have at least one proven design built before i start to develop my own designs...


Fragenkatalog mit 300 Fragen aus dem amtlichen Fragenkatalog (Stand Mai 2012): SBF

wooden handbag
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This design just weighs around 200gr and is made of several layers of veneer - vacuum-pressed and thereby formed and glued…

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Two pretty simple longboard-designs made from cut&glued mahogany and walnut-wood (upper) and simple birch-plywood (lower)…

Gyraf DIY
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a couple of things were built in 2013 - amongst them two Gyraf 1176LN compressors, two Gyraf Passive Tube EQs (very nice!) and two Gyraf GSSL-compressors, both with stereo sidechain, one with two complete separate signal paths...

...also on that picture is the Krautrock-Phaser, a Jürgen Haible design...

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Doepfer DIY Synth 1 - built in 2013 with additional MIDI-capability…