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Charly - ‚inside the electronic music field‘

Charly @ ambiosonics

…sometimes i get the chance to play live with the ambiosonics at the Bürgerhaus Glockenbachwerkstatt München; for the time being ambiosonics play each first wednesday* of the month and admission is free…

[* well, that changed again: we're playing every second monday each month - you might want to check the current Glockbachwerkstatt-announcements]

…here is a raw, uncut and untreated recording of augusts session no. 69, where Isabell, Florian and i were performing; the session starts about 25 minutes into the recording, so it makes sense to skip there:

Electronic music - many times - is more about the character of the sound than the actual composition.Moby - ‚Modulations‘ documentary 1998
At the beginning - i think - everybody outside of the electronic music field thought the synthesizers were supposed to emulate traditional instruments - whereas the people who were inside electronic music wanted to use synthesizers to make completely new sounds.Bob Moog - ‚Modulations‘ documentary 1998

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