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Charly's website has moved!

...yup! - we're in the progress of moving this site and also restructuring and redesigning its contents.

Technically the URL charlyhotel.de will now redirect to the address charlyhotel.design-werkstatt.net.
Contentwise we have split off several areas which deserve their own space:

  • there is now wood-on-water.design-werkstatt.net (formerly wood-on-water.de) presenting a view onto and into the wood-on-water-workshop, including related adventures, enterprises, ideas, designs, projects etc.
  • there is now bio-imkerei.designer-werkstatt.net (aka bio-imkerei.eu) which hosts all beekeeping related topics
  • there will be o8o8.designer-werkstatt.net (formerly o8o8.de) still serving as main hub for • the • o8o8 • project •, a music project powered by Fabio Pesce and Charly Hotel
  • and from now onward the is charlyhotel.designer-werkstatt.net (formerly charlyhotel.de) maintaining this site here

...time is moving, and we're going with it, looking forward for the things to come!

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